The international symposium »Mobile Music in the Making 2017« (#MMM2017) took place on the 10th and 11th of March 2017 at the Berlin University of the Arts. It was a part of the joint project Touch:Music of the Research Center for Mobile Music Making & App Music (RCAM) at the Berlin University of the Arts and the Federal Academy Wolfenbüttel.

This page will give you an inside into the contents of the symposium.

For us important aims were to present diverse practices, experiences, and approaches as well as to bring together different protagonists and players. Those came from fields of art, cultural or music pedagogy and from related fields such as technology development.

As a result, we had different kinds of sessions. These address to the different target groups and shall facilitate different forms of participation: workshop sessions, keynotes, roundtables as well as a BarCamp, an openLINKjam and more.

The objectives of our international symposium were to come into contact and discuss specific projects together with experts. Overall we had more than 50 sessions! The various contributions could be divided into the following areas:

Mobile Musicians

Jakob Haq is a musician from Sweden and one of the speakers at the event. Jakob has got a deep love for new and innovative technology that can enhance not only the music but also the experience of making music. In his sessions, he will show how to make tutorial videos with apps for making editing as pro as possible on iOS, how to humanize synth-patches/presets with sequencers and more…

Cultural Education And Music Apps

Frauke Hohberger is a music pedagogue and author, she works with apps in projects of cultural education with music as well as in social pedagogical contexts in the areas of Lower Saxony (Germany).
She has attended the first round of the certificate course tAPP (2015) training regarding music with apps in the cultural education. Since then Frauke has been running various app music projects for children and adults.

Music App Development

For the #MMM2017 you can meet e.g. the developers Gabriel Gatzsche and Sebastian Dittmann (Audanika) from Thuringia. They have released various music applications such as SoundPrism or Audiobus, which are always groundbreaking innovations.

Especially in Berlin the scene of the app developers is strong.


In the past few years, more and more scientists have turned their attention to this phenomenon from different perspectives and disciplines. For instance, mobile phone applications as a teaching tool find themselves at the epicenter of an ongoing debate over reforms in the educational system.


The diversity of the mobile music making is demonstrated by the diversity of institutions in which music is made with mobile digital technologies. Whether schools, cultural institutions or concert halls, etc., which allow a wide range of target groups facets of access to make music.