MOBILE MUSIC in concert



How does mobile music sound on stage? How suitable are mobile apps for live performances?

Musicians place high demands on the functionality, the handling and the reliability of their instruments. Everything must develop at the moment, must be expressive and at the same time intimate.

MOBILE MUSIC in concert

On the final evening of the international symposium MOBILE MUSIC IN THE MAKING 2017, experienced appmusicians presented their approaches in a joint concert.

The “MOBILE MUSIC in concert” took place on the 11th of March in the Appmusik Studio at the Berlin University of the Arts.

Running order

DigiEnsemble Berlin / GER

The musicians of DigiEnsemble Berlin have been rehearsing weekly at the Berlin University of the Arts since 2010 – they had to say “home advantage”. They are the first professional tablet orchestra / band and have been performing since 2011 regularly concerts at major concert halls, festivals as well as on receptions or prize lending. Their work fires that the trained musicians come from quite different genres: classical, rock to electro. Their repertoire includes musical experiments as well as a show program. More at

Gad Hinkis from PolyJam / IRE

Gad Hinkis is composing electronic music, hip-hop, rapping and singing since 2000. He produced 15 albums with dozens of projects and played over 300 shows worldwide. Living in Berlin since 2009, he is the front man and producer of Dirty Honkers, a groundbreaking electro-swing band infamous for their explosive live shows, and custom made digital instruments. In 2013 Gad founded the art collective Polyjam, where he designs interactive music installations for events and festivals, such as TOA, Music Tech Fest and Jerusalem film festival. Today he is the inventor of the Polyjamer App, a social music communication system for all ages. More at

Martin Neuhold / GER

Since 2012 the musician Martin Neuhold works with mobile devices and apps exclusively. His music moves between ambient and downtempo up to Rock and Postrock (partly under the alias “A Dark Object”). He is inspired by nature and the environment, but also by spiritual themes. He has published more than 20 albums, also in collaboration with various other artists. In live performances – as with the MMM2017 – he tries to pick up the listeners with improvisations and sound landscapes and take them on a journey with them. More music at

10op / GER

Since 2012, Michau da Silva aka 10op has produced music with apps in complement to his Ableton projects. His music he calls Tropedelic, in which playful melodies with subtle effects play easily with a wip directly to the body. His very special style in the use of his repertoire of apps he could prove on several shows in the Klunkerkranich and on private parties. The apps that are most commonly used are: nanostudio, samplr, triqtraq, korg gadget, polychord, turnado, and thumbjam. More at

Hari Karam Singh

Hari Karam Singh / GBR

The musician Hari Karam Singh is also an app developer. He specializes in motion-controlled options. In the concert he plays his current app “AC Sabre” (German: Säbel) with which he remotely controls the computer as a sound generator. The app can also effectively control other apps, as demonstrated on YouTube. More at

Stefan Gisler / SUI

Since 1985, Stefan Gisler has been dealing with electronic music. In 2011, after buying his first iPad (iPad 2), the world of making music for Stefan changed fundamentally. After several test runs, he decided after the appearance of the first well-sounding piano app to use sounds only from tablets or smartphones in the future. More music at:

Peter Kirn / USA

Peter Kirn is an electronic musician/composer, media artist, and technologist/writer. His own music has included music for dance (contemporary), music for dance floors (techno), and experimental projects, including collaborations with Vera Kochubey, Robert Lippok, Benjamin Weiss (as NERK/KIRN, on Snork Enterprises), and others, as well as his projects Imaski and Alchemic Harm (on Instruments of Discipline). He is the author of daily music and visual tech site CDM, co-creator of the MeeBlip open source synthesizer, and originator of various open technology platforms including the MusicMakers Hacklab. He runs the record label Establishment.