In the past few years, more and more scientists have turned their attention to this phenomenon from different perspectives and disciplines. At the international conference MOBILE MUSIC IN THE MAKING 2017, scientists present their perspectives in lectures.


10. March 2017

Keynote | Creation that moves: what it means when humans, not studios, are at the center of music making

14:20  -  15:00
Kleiner Vortragssaal

What does it mean to be able to produce music anywhere? And what will that look like in the future? When we talk about music production, we’re constantly stumbling over place. First, we made a distinction about studios. Then, it was home studios or home recording. Through all this, the studio – that place that brings together certain tools – has still been part of people’s imagination. Where does that place meet the person? What does it mean that a phone is now literally endowed with computation powers that were the domain of expensive desktop machines […]

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11. March 2017

Learning and designing with digital media in music lessons

09:05  -  09:25
Raum 341

Abstract: Outside of schools, interactions with music and digital media are closely linked. In schools, it is difficult to keep pace with this development. Does music teaching work with digital devices other than without?

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Mobile Music Competencies for Teachers?!

09:35  -  09:55
Raum 341

Abstract: Possibilities of communicating and distributing competencies in making music with mobile de- vices in music teacher education – analyses and perspectives The talk with practical examples focusses on the question of communicating and distributing com- petencies in dealing with mobile devices in music teacher education. At first an overview and an analysis of the current state (based on documents of the KMK, module manuals of music education study programmes and ranges of courses) and current research dis- courses is given. Thereupon theses for the need of an integrated media education in music teacher study programmes […]

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(Deutsch) digital MUSICIANship – Digitales Klassenmusizieren – ein innovatives Konzept für den Musikunterricht 

11:35  -  11:55
Raum 341

Music apps and creativity – a controversy

14:05  -  14:25
Raum 341

Abstract: Music apps are often mentioned in connection with creativity. In my presentation I try to look into their close relationship by examining the different use of music apps: Are music apps able to compose? Can they be as creative as human beings? This lecture takes into account these and other questions. The focus is not only on pop music but also on the digital domain of New Music.

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(Deutsch) Kreativitätsmethoden zur Entwicklung neuer Musikstücke unter Nutzung mobiler Endgeräte

14:35  -  14:55
Raum 341

There seem to be similarities between the development of new music and inventing new products. This can be explained by the high importance of creativity in both processes in particular in early phases. Consequently, creative techniques are used at the development of new products to increase creativity. For instance, very common techniques are brainstorming, design thinking as well as the morphological analysis. The use of those techniques is also conceivable in the field of music. As an example, the morphological analysis could be used to find new music combinations. Mobile apps such as mind mapping or […]

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(Deutsch) Zur Dinglichkeit virtueller Instrumente auf Smart Devices und ihrer Fruchtbarkeit in pädagogischen Settings

16:35  -  16:55
Raum 341