For us important aims are to present diverse practices, experiences, and approaches as well as to bring together different protagonists and players. Here we want to introduce you to our speakers.

The programme is now finalized. We invited submission of proposals that will showcase musical projects in education & art and new musical apps for musical expression in composition, performance and sound installation.

Meet our speakers here.

Peter Kirn

editor of CDM / Keynote Speaker

PETER KIRN is a creative technologist, working with his own live music and media art as an artist, and writing about and teaching expressive tools for performance and creation.

He’s the editor of CDM which has for over a decade been a daily resource for this information, as well as running the label Establishment and co-producing the MeeBlip synthesizer. He also contributed to the team that built and supports libpd, a free and open source version of Pure Data that works on mobile devices (and beyond). Born in Kentucky, he’s now based in Berlin.

What does it mean to be able to produce music anywhere? And what will that look like in the future?

Frauke Hohberger

music pedagogue and author

The music pedagogue and author, Frauke Hohberger, works with apps in projects of cultural education with music as well as in social pedagogical contexts in the areas of Lower Saxony (Germany).

She has attended the first round of the certificate course tAPP (2015) training regarding music with apps in the cultural education. Since then Frauke has been running various app music projects for children and adults.

Music always attracts!

Jakob Haq

YouTuber from Sweden

Jakob Haq is a musician from Sweden. Jakob has got a deep love for new and innovative technology that can enhance not only the music but also the experience of making music.

With over twenty years of experience producing electronic music, he is now specializing in making music with apps made for iOS. For the past three years, he has been sharing his knowledge and experience of mobile music making through his YouTube channel, where he is teaching other iOS musicians how to make great music using mobile devices.

working with limitations and how optimise your workflow

More Speakers:

Hari Karam Singh (London)

The international symposium is initialized and organized by the Research Center for Mobile Music Making & App Music (RCAM). The submissions are curated by the research associates Matthias Krebs and Marc Godau.

Matthias Krebs

research associate

Matthias Krebs is a research associate at the Berlin Career College at the Berlin University of the Arts (UdK Berlin).

There he is one of the founders and leaders of the Research Center for Mobile Music Making & App Music (RCAM). Besides that, Krebs is in charge of running the certificate course DigiMediaL where musicians learn to effectively use social-media-strategies.

His research focuses on digital music technologies, music education, social media communications and continuing education.

Krebs is also the founder and leader of the DigiEnsemble Berlin a professional ensemble using mobile devices as the primary musical instrument.

Marc Godau

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter der Forschungsstelle Appmusik

Marc Godau is researcher an lecturer at numerous german Universities. Moreover he is a singer, multi instrumentalist, arranger and composer in diverse music ensemble.

His scientific competencies lie within many fields of research, these include informal/ formal learning in music and art, learning with music technologies, teacher professionalization and the implementation of innovations into educational contexts. He did his PhD on group learning with informal music practices in school from a perspective of systemic constructivism (Grounded Theory).