Amaury Hazan

Amaury Hazan


Amaury Hazan is Software Engineer and completed his Ph.D. in digital listening and machine learning (MTG-UPF) in 2010. He funded Billaboop in 2009. He’s obsessed with putting research and innovation into production and seeing people use the results.

The projects he has been involved in RJDJ (Reactive music), (Sharing with sound) or that he has launched (CamBox, vidibox) have earned international praise and have attracted hundreds of thousands of users.

CamBox and vidibox have been featured in several international events: Sonar, Berlin Music Week, Paris Mashup Film Festival, Music Tech Fest, MIRA Festival, and in the press: Rolling Stone, Wired, The Next Web.

Amaury’s research interests include real-time audiovisual interfaces, deep learning, audio analysis, accessibility, and their applications. He has worked on several artistic projects and collaborated with Coldcut, Ninja Tune, and Organic Orchestra.


11. March 2017
Music As A Visual Installation: The Concept Of Vidibox
Raum 336
11:35  -  11:55