Christian Liebisch

Christian Liebisch

Entwickler des Lern-Erlebnis-Programms Der Kleine Stern®

As a leader and saxophonist of the band „I’m Hungry“ in the early 90’s he traveled to the former Soviet Union. Later he enriched the cultural landscape of the city of Hamburg with the foundation „Fundbureau“. In 2004 he began developing his interactive education program „Der Kleine Stern“ – an integrated, artistic language promotion program for children, which is actively used and constantly improved until today. In 2016 Christian founded the Edusation LLC, which is currently under contract by the Berlin municipality to deliver his language development and promotion program to pre-school children in refugee camps.

Christian Liebisch started working with music apps in 2011, using them as mobile tools for language promotion, creating theater soundtracks and as beat machines for dancing activities. Inspired by ideas from the certificate course tAPP, he constantly improves his day-to-day work with refugee children.


11. March 2017
Language teaching through music apps
Raum 340
09:35  -  09:55