Martin Neuhold

Martin Neuhold

iOS-Musiker und Dipl.-Sozialpädagoge

Martin Neuhold is an iOS musician and also a social worker. He has released more than 20 albums on the Apptronica label and other netlabels, he also collaborated with other artists on various occasions. His music moves from ambient and downtempo to progressive rock and post rock. With his monthly radio show on Modul 303 as well as with lectures (for example at the international Orff Symposium 2016 in Salzburg with the subject “Live composing with the iPad) he tries to spread the word about possibilities of mobile music making. About music creation with the iPad he especially likes the possibilities of recording and improvising outdoors in nature. Results can be heard on his album “Outdoors”, for example.

As social worker he works in a Kindergarten and in youth work.

His albums can be found at


11. March 2017
Apptronica – Label For Music Produced With Apps Only
Appmusik Studio
16:35  -  16:55