Stefan Gisler

Stefan Gisler

iPadist und Workshop-Leiter aus der Schweiz

Stefan Gisler ( was completing an apprenticeship as carpenter from 1980 – 1984. From 1986 – 1996 he studied at various music academies in Luzern, St. Gallen, Bern, Zurich and Winterthur. From 1996 – 2009 he was working as IT-Support, Software developer and Project manager. He graduated from 2009 – 2013 in MAS pop- and schoolmusic (master’s thesis: “the iPad in musical education” (

Since his youth, Stefan Gisler has always been active as a pianist, keyboardist and singer in different forms and projects. From 2009 on, he’s been giving piano-workshops under the topic “learning the piano without sheet music” ( Since 2014 he’s been giving lessons in tablet-workshops (, which are about using tablets and smartphones on stage, in music-productions, in education and for much more. He replaced his computer as well as his electronic instruments mostly with iPad’s (


11. March 2017
Working Apps and Hardware (iOS/Android)
Appmusik Studio
09:35  -  09:55
Audio-Mix and Midi-Routing (AUM, Midiflow)
Raum 341
15:05  -  15:25