Apps Represented At The MOBILE MUSIC IN THE MAKING 2017

Programme Of The Symposium In Detail
28. February 2017
MOBILE MUSIC in concert – announcement
9. March 2017

Apps Represented At The MOBILE MUSIC IN THE MAKING 2017

Meet the developers of great mobile music apps in person! They explain the concepts and they will give an outlook to new features and beta-versions.

In this blog post we want to introduce you to the app developers that are involved into the #MMM2017. It is a pleasure for us to have them with their expertise at the event.

In the picture you can see all icons of the mobile music apps that will be represented at the symposium.

That are:

  • AC Sabre MIDI Instrument & Motion Controller
  • zMors Modular
  • zMors EQ
  • zMors
  • Elastic Drums
  • vidibox – music & video mashup: VJ, DJ, musicians, movie makers
  • Modstep,
  • touchable,
  • studiomux, midimux
  • d(- -)b
  • PlayGround • Music At Your Fingertips
  • Polyjamer
  • Audiobus
  • SoundPrism Pro
  • SoundPrism Electro
  • SoundPrism Link Edition
  • Midiflow – MIDI Router/Prozessor/Sync Clock
  • Klimper – Music Composition
  • Klimper – explore, improvise, compose

Come and meet the makers of those great mobile music apps at the international symposium MOBILE MUSIC IN THE MAKING 2017.

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