For many years Mika spends most of their time on drums, playing Rock, Pop, Hip-Hop, Electro, Jazz, Funk and Soul music and working on their own project Elephunk.

Furthermore, Mika builds and programs their own hardware devices and plugins in C++ and the programming environment Max.
At the moment Mika produces original music with Elephnk, plays in the pop band Kris Kraus, shares their knowledge about drums and iPads in the producer’s network MusoTalk, teaches and researches with app2music new practices of music-making. On the other hand, Mika studied Philosophy and finished with a work about queer-feminist cyborg theories. The studies gave Mika a unique view present in all their artworks.


11. March 2017
Thoughts on the Being and Meaning of Digitalization
Raum 336
10:05  -  10:25
The app2music Programme: mobile music making courses at schools throughout Berlin
Raum 340
15:05  -  15:25