Mobile Music Competencies for Teachers?!

Mobile Music Competencies for Teachers?!

11. March 2017
09:35  -  09:55
Raum 341

Abstract: Possibilities of communicating and distributing competencies in making music with mobile de- vices in music teacher education – analyses and perspectives

The talk with practical examples focusses on the question of communicating and distributing com- petencies in dealing with mobile devices in music teacher education.

At first an overview and an analysis of the current state (based on documents of the KMK, module manuals of music education study programmes and ranges of courses) and current research dis- courses is given. Thereupon theses for the need of an integrated media education in music teacher study programmes are developed. These are worked out on and discussed by the example of App Music and Making music with mobile devices in a draft of a competency model for the compulsory study fields music practice, music theory, musicology, music pedagogy and music didactics. The suggestions are illustrated by examples of own teaching activities.

teacher education, music pedagogy, higher education didactics, digital media, app music

Session Category :    Raum 341  Lectures