Ashley Elsdon

Ashley Elsdon

Mobile Music Expert

Ashley Elsdon is a music technologist, analyst and business architect with a wide ranging experience in the arts, the NHS, music technology and beyond.

Ashley has run the mobile music blog PalmSounds for over 10 years, since before the iPhone and iPad. He’s seen the world of mobile music change radically over that period and develop into the vibrant community that it is today. Ashley is also a project adviser and producer with Heart n Soul’s award winning SoundLab project, working with app developers and music technology companies of all sizes. He’s brought companies like Korg, Ableton and Moog in to enrich the project and spread the word together with speaking at events at Abbey Road Studios, Roli, and most recently at Ableton Loop in November 2016.


11. March 2017
Making Music without barriers – Heart n Soul
Raum 340
16:35  -  16:55
The future of mobile music, what comes after the app?
Raum 341
19:35  -  19:55