Klangsafari – Discovering Sounds at the Elbphilharmonie

Klangsafari – Discovering Sounds at the Elbphilharmonie

11. March 2017
14:35  -  14:55
Raum 340

KREATIV KLANGSAFARI – a musical journey through the Elbphilharmonie

On a sound safari through the Elbphilharmonie: we find exciting sounds not only in music on and behind the stage, but also in the walls of the brand-new concert hall. In this workshop, school pupils start off on an expedition with the aid of headphones and an iPad in small groups. Everything and anything they find acoustically interesting is recorded using a simple app. Then it is time to experiment with the sound material: according to the level of the school class, the school pupils learn all about electronic composition techniques like samples and loops, and produce their own experimental musical miniature from their collected tones!

Since the grand opening in January 2017 we have already accompanied numerous students through the Elbphilharmonie and would like to report and reflect our first experiences with the participants of the MMM2017 symposium.

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